2022 | 3 UX designers | Mobile IOS |

My role: Research, Persona, User Survey, UI, Prototyping, Mock-ups, Wireframes, Task flows, User stories, Interviews, User Testing.


It's easy to get lost scrolling negative news.

Doomscrolling is when people scroll and consume negative news, thinking it will bring comfort, but actually leads to worse mental health.

In march 2020, news consumed through mobile devices shot up 215%.



Meet Efflo

From the root word "effloresce" meaning to bloom and flourish.

  • Set read limits

  • Get rewarded for reading positive news and taking breaks

  • Level up a digital garden to plant real trees.

All together, these features help motivate readers to put down their phone and make a positive difference.


People are aware of doomscrolling but are struggling to stop...

I plotted 163 insights from the interviews on an affinity map to establish patterns and themes. Group them into goals, pain points and behaviours for clarity and focus.

How might we...

Minimize doomscrolling for avid newsreaders in order to help them reclaim their mental and emotional health?


Version 3 wireframe ready for UI elements.

Final Designs


Key Learnings

Research is never going to be perfect no matter how hard you want it to go the way your expect.

Mental models are hard to truly understand until you see them in action, interacting with the product.

You are not going to think of everything in the beginning and it's best to get an imperfect concept ready for insight.

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