Hey, I'm Sasha 👋

As UX designer with a background in graphic design,

I believe that every design should tell a story, and my passion for both graphic and user experience design allows me to create compelling and effective experiences that engage and delight users.

My journey to becoming a UX designer has been quite the adventure, let me tell you!

Before I found my true calling in design, I've had a few pit stops on my journey.

Each of my past jobs taught me valuable lessons - washing dishes taught me the importance of attention to detail and working efficiently, door-to-door sales taught me the value of persistence and the ability to think on my feet, and shuttling dogs taught me the importance of adaptability and flexibility.

All while freelancing as a graphic designer on the side.

All of these experiences have given me a strong work ethic and the ability to think creatively when solving problems.

💎 Gems about me

🌮 Will work for tacos

🤓 I do my best work after a nap

👴 Ask me about my best dad joke

🐈‍⬛ I have a cat named Dibbles who supervises during zoom calls.

📰 Recent Articles I've Written

3 Keys To Great Case Study Storytelling

Let’s be honest, we don’t actually know what it means when someone says to “tell a story” in your case study.

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5 unusual ways to access your creative flow.

The five techniques I’m using to become a prolific creator in 2023                                                                            

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3 keys to being more creatively prolific

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